What is the Pro-Am Invitational? (Simplified TL;DR version.)

Here is a simplified explanation of what exactly our Pro-Am Invitational is.

Gym Class Dodge-Ball PUBGM Pro-Am III
Coach decides to have a Dodgeball game for the entirety of the highschool. I decide to have a tournament featuring the top pros and streamers teaming up with the community.
Coach picks his best athletes to lead each team. I pick some of the best professionals and streamers from the PUBG Mobile community to be Team Captains in the Pro-Am Invitational.
The athletes then compete against each other to decide what order they will select in. (DATE/TIME PENDING) The Team Captains that I selected then compete in Solo Match on Sanhok to decide the order that they will pick in.
Once the solo match is over, the athletes coach selected will then take turns picking from the athletes that coach didn't select to form the Dodge-ball teams. (DATE/TIME PENDING) After the Sanhok match, Team Captains will then select in the order of survival(1st place selects first, etc, etc.) Team Captains will take turns selecting from members who registered on the EProAm website and verified themselves on Discord. This will form the teams.
All Teams will take turns going against each other until only one team is left. Unlike most tournaments, we do not have crews like Cloud9, Wildcard Gaming, etc. Each team is designated by their captains name e.g. Team Rolex. These teams will then compete in a one-day tournament.

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