Streamers needed for ProAm pre-draft events

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile ProAm III

We need streamers to host scrims for the ProAm. This will be custom matches streamed in real time, so stream sniping can and will happen.

Streamers will be given a list of players who are allowed to participate in the event before opening up the lobby to others. This will give those who signed up a chance to show off their skills.

Streamers who are interested, simply fill out the form below.

Rules for Streamers:

  1. Streamer must be in ProAm discord during events.
  2. Stream must be in real-time.
  3. Stream must feature at least the logo for ProAm event.
  4. If Stream has to be cancelled, please notify ProAm staff at least one day in advance so that we can find a replacement streamer.
  5. Streamer will need to focus on players that have registered for the ProAm draft. This list will be available to streamer on day of the stream. If no registered players are alive, this rule no longer applies.

Current Openings: All days and times during 05/18/2020 through 05/29/2020.

Apply below.

What people know you by online.
Responses will be sent to this email.
Please select 2 or more. We will only ask for one day.

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