PUBGM Pro-Am Invitational II

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PUBGM Pro-Am Invitational II


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The PUBG Mobile Pro-Am Invitational is an event where we select 40 Professional PUBGM Players to be our Team Captains.

Fans and community members are allowed to register on for a chance to be drafted by these Team Captains.

On Thursday, February 21st at 8pm EST, we will hold our DRAFT event. This event will features Team Captains participating in a single map match. The finishing order of the map will decide the draft order:

For instance, Team Captain Red wins and Team Captain Blue is 2nd place. The first round of the draft would be Team Captain Red choosing first and Team Captain Blue choosing 2nd.

During the 2nd round of Draft, we reverse order so Team Captain Red would be choosing last and Team Captain Blue would choose 2nd to last.

After each Team Captain has selected a total of two players each.

We will then use a lottery style system where we select two additional players for each team in the same order of the last two rounds. For more details on exactly how the draft will work, visit our draft page.

Once the draft is finished, we will have a week of scrims allowing the Team Captains and drafted fans to play together.

On March 2nd at 1pm EST, we will hold the elimination round of our PUBG Mobile Pro-Am Invitational. 

On that day, we will split the 40 teams into 20 teams randomly. This will form Group Alpha and Group Bravo which will have 20 teams each.

We will have two matches in each group to decide the top 20 overall teams. We will announce  the unofficial top 20 during the stream and later in the day make our official announcement via our Twitter.

On March 3rd, at 1pm EST, we will hold the finals for our PUBG Mobile Pro-Am Invitational. It will feature the top 20 teams that we announced the day before facing off in three matches. The three maps will be announced before the event day.

After the three matches, we will announce the unofficial results on stream and later on Twitter we will have the official winners of PUBG Mobile Pro-Am Invitational.


General Event Rules


  • Must be in discord before draft day and not leave until after the event is over.
  • Must be 13 years or older.
  • Must be registered on
  • Must have registered status on our discord.
  • Must attend a minimum of 10 scrimmages. These will be posted in the schedule far ahead of the event.

What could cause a player to be denied a spot on the draft?

  • The player has ever been disqualified for cheating.
  • The player is using an emulator or any form of modded PUBG Mobile version.
  • The account has less than 40 matches or we view the account as not representing the player, such as an alt account.
  • The player has been an active member in a team which has placed in the top 3;
    • STAR tournament
    • Wicked Gaming tournament
    • BCS tournament
    • PESL tournament
  • The player is a member of a clan in which the clan places high in these tournaments. This can be handled on a case by case basis when the player is a casual member of the clan and not in a competitive role.
  • The player is well known for being a competitive player.
  • We consider the player skill level to be much higher than the typical PUBGM fan base.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any player for any reason without notice to player.


Streaming the PUBGM Pro-Am Invitational is allowed and preferred for all as long as;

  • Your stream is on no shorter than a 5 minute delay.
  • You have some acknowledgement of the event in your title, preferably the words "PUBG Mobile Pro-Am Invitational"
  • Also have some option for the audience to find the main stream whether on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Omlet Arcade.


Watch the PUBG Mobile Pro-Am Invitational II Live

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Watch Live on KobashiPUBG TwitchTwitch

Watch Live on youtubeYouTube

Watch Live on omlet arcade KobashiFPSOmlet Arcade

Watch Live on KobashiPUBG FacebookFacebook

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Team Captains and Drafted Fans win real money!

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Thanks to Omlet Arcade for sponsoring our event.

Prize Pool 

(to be split among all available players on the team)

  • 1st place - $250
  • 2nd place - $150
  • 3rd place - $100
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