PUBG Mobile ProAm Invitational III in the works.

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PUBG Mobile ProAm Invitational III coming soon!

I am in the process of planning the next ProAm event for PUBG Mobile. I have had a lot of amateurs and even former team captains asking when I planned on having the next ProAm event.

There are some major changes coming for this event though. I have been speaking with some of our former participants in discord and trying to find ways to make the event better.

Here are a few of the changes from the last ProAm event.

  • Fewer Team Captains – The plan right now is for 26 team captains(down from 32 in the most recent ProAm.)
  • Expanded Event Schedule – This time we will have the event go for three weeks instead of two like the ProAm II. Starting with Draft Weekend, Scrims during that Week with Team Captains, Qualifying Round of ProAm Saturday, Scrims during the Week for the qualifying teams(top 20), Finals that Saturday.
  • Pre-Draft Scrims Schedule Changes – We will have more scrims before the draft this time, and they will be a varying times of the day to support a chance for all players to play and earn tickets.
  • Drafting System Overhaul – Completely changing the way the draft event works. Team Captains will only get one draft pick this time. The rest of the draft picks will be through a lottery style system. Amateurs will select five of their favorite PROs/Streamers when they register. We will invite Team Captains based on this and also use this as a way to allow the amateurs to use the new ticketing system to basically draft their own Team Captain.
  • True Lottery System – Amateurs will earn ProAm tickets. These tickets will be used towards their top 5 Team Captains that they select when registering/updating their account. Tickets are earned through various activities such as pre-draft scrims participation, early registration/verification, participation in previous ProAm events, and other fun activities before the ProAm III draft.
  • More Rules to Keep the Event Fair – We will be evaluating all draft picks up to the day before the draft for rules violations. (e.g. Amateur player who was not in a pro team before event announcement, but became a pro after will be removed from potential draft pick.)

There are many more changes to come and I will open up registration very soon.

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