ProAm III Postponed Indefinitely

PUBG Mobile

As much as I really wanted to have the event, there are so many factors causing it to not work out. I do not have the same free time that I used to have to work on it and I do not have the same interaction with the community that I used to, so it is hard to really get the word out. I am not able to stream five nights a week like I did during the previous ones and we only had one streamer sign-up to host scrims. I think having multiple options on mobile for BR has caused there to be a split in the dedicated community so the amount of sign-ups were slower this time than ever before.

Also several team captains have notified me that they will be unable to compete due to PMPL and organization requirements.

It may not be obvious, but a lot of time and work goes into the ProAm events. The last ProAm had at least 100+ hours dedicated to it from scrim hosting, graphical and video editing, promoting, website development and much more.

I am postponing the event indefinitely and I will continue to reevaluate as time goes on. I want to send out my deep appreciate for all that helped and I apologize if you feel that your time was wasted.

Thank you to SzionX(Joel), Eirene, Aaron, Timpeva, AjayP, Morbe, Jetsmachine, and all the Team Captains who agreed to participate.

Have a safe and blessed day all!

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