How to register for the PUBG Mobile ProAm Draft

Register for a chance to be selected by your favorite Pro Player/Streamer and join their team for a friendly fun tournament style set of games.
PUBG Mobile ProAm III

Three Easy Steps to get qualified for the PUBG Mobile ProAm III.

This information is only for the non-Team Captains that would be available to be drafted during the event.

STEP 1. Join the ProAm Discord

All ProAm Information is available on discord. To be a part of the event, you must join the discord.
PUBGM Pro-Am Invitational Discord

STEP 2. Register for an Account

You must be 13 years or older to participate in the ProAm.

We have two options to register currently. We have our normal registration option and now we have an option to register with discord, facebook, google, youtube, twitter, twitch and more options coming soon. Make your selection and make sure you fill out your Profile completely before moving on to the the next step below.

Once you have registered, join channel #verify in discord and post a link to your profile. example: "!verify"
You will know that you are verified once you can no longer see the channel #verify.

Step 3. Get in the Game!

In the week before the ProAm Draft, join custom games for a chance to get noticed by one of your preferred Team Captains.

Follow KobashiTV on Twitter and Twitch to get notifications when custom matches begin.
Subscribe to Kobashi on YouTube and click the bell to get alerts when we go live.
Also all who compete must be in Discord.

Nothing from June 6, 2023 to August 5, 2023.

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