This time the community will be making the decisions when it comes to the ProAm.

What has happened so far with the PUBG Mobile ProAm III?

  1. Fans nominated their favorite professional PUBG Mobile players for a chance to be Team Captains.
  2. We opened up four polls allowing fans to pick their favorites to be Team Captains from the players that were nominated. See the polls here and here.
  3. The top 5 from each poll were invited to be Team Captains in the ProAm. Of the 20 selected, we have 17 have confirmed to participate. See who has signed on a to be a Team Captain so far here.
  4. We were informed that Rolex wouldn’t be able to make the event, so we created a new poll to select a replacement for Rolex and for anyone else who is unable to attend.
  5. We wanted to let the fans decide everything for the next event so we have opened another poll to allow the fans to pick the perspective for the matches. The choices are First Person, Third Person, or a combination of both.

What comes next?

  1. Once all Team Captains has signed on, we will begin working on scheduling the event date.
  2. We will then open up registration for the Draft. The draft is an event held one to two weeks before the ProAm event. This is when the Team Captains will take turn selecting from those who have signed up to join their team.
  3. One week before the Draft, we will begin holding scrims to allow the players who have signed a chance to show off their skills to the Team Captains.

This is everything we know about the ProAm III so far. More to come as we plan more.

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