PUBG Mobile ProAm III

Official Team Captains

imPERium theMissAlly
Aesor Samson
Justino_Recks AussieAV
Jip 46Memo
Monarch Outsider9k
MrxFlip Eirene
Catlyn DevilLucifer
WickedGaming Beowulf
Angry Zootay
PUBG Mobile ProAm III

We are currently at 20/20 Team Captains for the PUBG Mobile ProAm III. 

The ProAm will be live on Saturday, June 13th, 2020 at 2pm EST.

All Team Captains were nominated by the PUBG Mobile community and then voted on by the community. We have four groups of captains and a set of four polls decided who the twenty captains were.

See the polls on here and here.

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